Picture Hanging Expert


PaulRobert, a picture framing expert, offers fine art installation as well as advising on placement. With over twenty years of picture framing and picture hanging experience he provides expert installation of your fine and decorative art, framed mirrors, and other wall-hanging decor.  He has experience framing and hanging valuable paintings and art work, mirrors photographs, tapestries and created sculptural displays.


Our extensive picture framing and picture hanging experience uniquely qualifies us to assist with your project, large or small. We are adept at handling picture framing and installations of one piece or many pieces for residences, museums, art galleries, and businesses.


PaulRobert has over 15 years of picture framing experience and expertise in art placement,  as well as expert skills in custom mirror installation. If you are a designer PaulRobert can be on your team to handle installation with finesse, and advice on art placement and picture hanging for you and or your client. We can come to the site to advice on placement in advance, or on the day of delivery of the artwork or mirror, or sculpture.


If you are a fine home owner, designer or art collector, rest assured that PaulRobert can competently and carefully handle your fine art.  PaulRobert has installed works of art by Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning and a bust by Camille Claudel to name a few well known artists whose work PaulRobert has worked with.


PaulRobert can help you with your interior design questions and decorating needs. With many years of experience and an artist's eye - he can provide expert advice on where to locate your fine work or art or mirror.

PAULROBERT PORAMBO Has years of experience as an exhibition preparator & Art Installation Expert for art and historical museums, commercial art galleries, private patrons and public displays (department stores).

Management of preparators and experience in all aspects of handling, installation, construction, transportation, and fabrication necessary in large exhibition shows. Construction of pedestals and furniture for display purposes.

Oversight and implementation of art transportation, including shipping logistics and packing of artists retrospective.  Accomplished artist with exhibition experience and numerous awards for artistic excellence.  

Over 10 years of experience in commercial art including public works experience with Michael Singer & Ass., Stephen Robin, and independent work in clay modeling and wood carving.